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$25 Federal Firearms Transfers in Fairview Heights

We make it easy and affordable to exercise your 2nd amendment rights.  When You buy a gun online, you have to have it shipped to a licensed Federal Firearm dealer.  When you have your gun shipped to us we process the background checks and allow you to pick up your firearm while complying with all state and federal laws.

FFL Transfers Should Be Affordable

When you buy a gun online to get the best price possible, a FFL Transfer shouldn’t erase all your savings.  That’s why we charge a fair processing fee for your transfer.

Frequently Asked Questions for FFL Transfers

Bring your State ID, Your Firearm Owners Identification Card (FOID), and cash or credit card for the Transfer Fee.

Transfer time depends on how quickly the seller ships the firearm. Once we receive the firearm & complete required background checks, we'll call you the next business day to pick up your firearm. Most transfers take 2-3 days.

Your waiting period for your firearm begins at the verified time of sale. In Illinois, the waiting period is 72 hours. If you can provide a dated purchase receipt, we can transfer the firearm to you 72 hours after the purchase. If you don't have a receipt, we hold the firearm for the required 72 hours after you fill out the 4473 paperwork.

We will comply with all federal and state background check laws.

We comply with all state and federal laws. If we believe a firearm is being purchased illegally, for an illegal act, or for self-harm we are required to refuse to transfer the firearm.

You must pick up your transfer in person. You cannot send someone to pick up your firearm on your behalf.

While we want transfers to be as affordable as possible, running background checks and completing the required paperwork takes time for our staff. We have streamlined the process as much as possible to reduce the cost for our customers.

Yes, the process would work similarly. Contact us for details on how to process the transfer.