Quick Cash Loans!

Pawn Shops are the original form of banking.  We make loans based on the value of the collateral (item of value) that you bring us.  When you pay off your loan, we give you your item back.

It’s that easy.

Why Choose Liberty Pawn?

We’re proud to be one of the highest rated pawn shops in the region.  Our customers love our shop because we’re family-friendly and fair with our customers.

We treat our customers with respect, kindness, and consideration.

What is Different About Liberty Pawn?

Most of our customers keep coming back to do business with us.  They come back because we treat them fairly.

If for some reason you’re not able to repay your loan, it has NO EFFECT on your credit score. It also means no harassing phone calls to your home or work.

We go the extra mile to help you get your items back

A pawn loan is great when you just need a little extra to help you through until that next paycheck or settlement comes in.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pawn

Pawn loans interest is easy to calculate. We charge 20% of the amount of the loan for a 30 day loan. So if you borrow $100, you'll pay us $120 by the end of 30 days, and we'll give you your item back.

We make every effort to help you pay your loan back. We would rather you pay your loan back than sell your item.

If you can't pay back the full amount, you can pay the interest on your loan to extend the loan by another 30 days. We'll even send you a text message reminder before closing your loan and selling your item.

If you're unable to pay your loan back or stop making interest payments, we close your loan and put your item up for sale 30 days after your payment was due. We don't report to any credit agencies or make harrassing phone calls.

The most common items that people bring in are jewelry and firearms. We also take a lot of high quality tools, electronics & musical instruments.

The payday loan industry is designed to keep people in the cycle of debt. Their fees are considerably higher than pawn loans. They verify your banking information, and if you can't pay the loan back they take you to court, and could garnish your wages or bank account.

The major difference between a Pawn Loan and a Title Loan is that a title loan lender is more interested in taking possession of your vehicle than you paying off the loan. They make considerably more money off of repossessing your vehicle and selling it than they do if you pay your loan off.

Here are some of the items we take on pawn...

Handgun & Rifles

Gold, Silver & Watches

New Models, All Sizes

Laptops, Tablets, Phones

Hand & Power Tools

Music Instruments
Guitars & Amps, Band